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Each image represents a series of mobiles. Click on the image to see more examples of the mobiles in that series. Email me directly (rocklendesigns@gmail.com) for pricing and availability. Custom mobiles are available for listed price + %10. 





LoveBirds In a Teardrop Moon

Arc Mobile



Birds and Owls in the Moon


Show Schedule


April 21-23: New England Folk Festival, Mansfield, MA

April 29: SoWa Boston, Boston, MA

May 5-7: Spring Crafts at Lyndhurst, Tarrytown, NY

May 13: Crafts in the Park, Andover, MA

May 20-21: Bruce Museum Annual Outdoor Crafts Festival, Greenwich, CT

June 3: Coolidge Corner Arts Festival, Brookline, MA

June 4: Beacon Hill Art Walk, Boston, MA

June 10: Art Fair @ Squam Lake Art Workshops, Holderness, NH

June 17: Arts Fest Beverly, Beverly, MA

July 14-16: Guilford Art Center Craft Expo, Guilford, CT

August 27: SoWa Boston, Boston, MA

September 9-10: Boston Arts Festival, Boston, MA

September 17: SoWa Boston, Boston, MA

September 23-24: Jamaica Plain Open Studios, Jamaica Plain, MA

October 7-9: Scituate Art Festival, Scituate, RI

October 28-29: American Craft Fair @ Tower Hill, Boylston, MA

November 24-26: Worcester Center for Craft Holiday Festival, Worcester, MA


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Making Mobiles since 2011


Melissa grew up in a family of artists: her mother is a print-maker and her grandmother was a sculptor. These two women were her first art teachers. In college, Melissa studied painting and print-making at Wesleyan University. In 1999, she received a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to study mask-making techniques and traditions internationally.  Her experience making masks fostered an interest in creating objects that people could wear and interact with. When she returned to the United States, Melissa began making jewelry.

Five years ago, in the middle of a cold, Boston winter, Melissa turned her metal-working skills toward making mobiles. She wanted to create something that added color, light, and movement to the January bleakness. Mobiles have a unique capacity to change the ambience of a room, creating balance and harmony.  Melissa enjoys observing how people interact with mobiles and hopes to continue making sculptures that people can both look at and play with.

Melissa makes her mobiles Using hand tools and a torch. She shapes steel and copper to create the branches. Then, she adds flowers, buds, and leaves with glass and wire=wrapping techniques. Many designs feature sculptural elements, such as birds, owls, and flowers that she creates out of polymer clay. She creates each piece individually, so no two mobiles are exactly alike.



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